The world of the Blog

So since i have have my own blog page i have been doing my own work on it. I have add plug ins myself and other nifty stuff. I have to say its not that hard. im having a problem with just one plug in, but D said he had some issues to. Well i suppose i can always ask him about it. Im just proud of myself that im not a total lamer and i can actually do some stuff myself. The thought of working on a web page or anything like it has always been intimidating, but alas here we are and i have done it. Yay me! That is all for now.

Hello world!

So this is my blog page =) I hope you like it and i hope that i will have interesting things to say in the future. I will start with saying that yesterday was the worst day i have had in a long time. My job is starting to wear on me. Im not sure what im going to do about it now, but i do know i was almost done yesterday. I would go into detail more but i just dont have the energy. it was a giant emotional drain yesterday. not sure if i am fully recovered yet.