Muirne got her glasses today. She has been doing pretty well with them. I think she is amazed at how things are supposed to look. Its cute because its like she is discovering the world all over again. I think they are cute glasses, i just hope she doesn’t grow to hate them in school because the kids pick on her. That’s why i will always try my best to get her cute glasses. Hopefully some of the problem will sort itself out so maybe she wont need glasses forever.  We go to the Eye Doc again in 3 months so i will add an update then =)


So, I’m in my winter funk. i don’t go anywhere, i don’t really speak to anyone. I hate apologizing for it. If anyone is a good friend of mine they know i go through it EVERY year. It’s never anything personal, I just have a hard time coping with the cold. I want it to be even just a little warmer with no snow. Warm enough i can take Muirne to the park, or warm enough that i want to go on a drive. I can’t seem to drag myself out. I can’t find the motivation to do much. And i have a ton of excuses like ” i have to pack up the child and make sure she is warm.” or ” i have to warm up the car and use more gas.”  It’s not going to ever change about me. I try very hard, everyday i wake up and say “I’m going to get out of the house and do something.” It never happens. But maybe if  i keep saying it, it will happen soon. I hope that mary is right about Imbolic (sp?) It did snow and i hope it goes away. I would more likely believe that, than the stupid big rat. At least that has been around longer, so the chances that it is right is more likely. I wish that i could handle winter better, because i was born here and it snows every year, its not like its something new. But its not likely that i will move somewhere warm. I would love to move but then i dont want to move away from so many people and things.

On another note, i am trying to make an effort to blog more. Not that i think i have much worth saying, at least to have a place to put my thoughts. Besides, i have a really cool blog page, (thank you hon) and i update it all by myself =). Well my child has a full diaper, so until the next blog, have a good day!