More to Come

The painting part of the process is done.  I have used marker with acrylic paint. It looks better than expected so far.  It’s very exciting, I cannot wait to show the finish product!  I want to add some objects to the painting, hopefully, I will be able to do this weekend.  When it is finished it will be for sale.  Anyone interested can e-mail me at!  I will post a picture of the finished product soon!

Painting again

I have been Painting again and experimenting with different textures and ideas.  i havent really finished anything in a long time.  I am determined to finish this one with all of its mistakes and sell it.  I don”t care how much I like it, someone else might like it more than I do. The only way to find out is to put myself out there. I will say it has been fun and I cant wait to do more!