So my hubby and i are maybe going to be writing a children’s book. Well, he will be doing the writing i will be illustrating it. I’ve been working on sketches. I’m really rusty, i haven’t been doing any sketching or anything really artistic in almost a year. It feels good to be doing something artistic again, i just feel like i have nothing to draw. Its almost like i lost my edge. i think i might work on something else other than the char. sketches. I’m just not sure what to draw. I stare at the blank paper and nothing happens…..But as Alex Ross once said, you need to draw everyday, no matter what it is. Its also hard to find time in the day. I did manage to get some sketches done when i let Muirne play at McDonalds. I came up with a cute monster char that i kind of like.  That’s also why i wanted to have a blog. I’m not a very good writer but it is something creative and it also helps me get some of my mundane crap out of my head. It also reminds me that I’m a bad speller and it takes an effort for me to use punctuation. =)  Anyway, i might take Muirne somewhere to play today so that i can get some more sketches done =)

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  1. I think you’re a great artist, hon! It makes me a little sad that we haven’t had the space for you to paint and that you haven’t had the time to draw. Hang in there, babe: once you get into a routine of working every day, it gets easier to come up with ideas.

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