So, I’m in my winter funk. i don’t go anywhere, i don’t really speak to anyone. I hate apologizing for it. If anyone is a good friend of mine they know i go through it EVERY year. It’s never anything personal, I just have a hard time coping with the cold. I want it to be even just a little warmer with no snow. Warm enough i can take Muirne to the park, or warm enough that i want to go on a drive. I can’t seem to drag myself out. I can’t find the motivation to do much. And i have a ton of excuses like ” i have to pack up the child and make sure she is warm.” or ” i have to warm up the car and use more gas.”  It’s not going to ever change about me. I try very hard, everyday i wake up and say “I’m going to get out of the house and do something.” It never happens. But maybe if  i keep saying it, it will happen soon. I hope that mary is right about Imbolic (sp?) It did snow and i hope it goes away. I would more likely believe that, than the stupid big rat. At least that has been around longer, so the chances that it is right is more likely. I wish that i could handle winter better, because i was born here and it snows every year, its not like its something new. But its not likely that i will move somewhere warm. I would love to move but then i dont want to move away from so many people and things.

On another note, i am trying to make an effort to blog more. Not that i think i have much worth saying, at least to have a place to put my thoughts. Besides, i have a really cool blog page, (thank you hon) and i update it all by myself =). Well my child has a full diaper, so until the next blog, have a good day!

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